Soundcore Flare 2 firmware upgrade failure.

When i try to upgrade the firmware A3161 v2.52 to my Soundcore Flare 2 it starts download ADFUS, and then fails. I’ve tried using multiple cables, multiple USB docks, and uninstalling and reinstalling the Anker update utility. Nothing is helping. Any ideas? I just bought the speaker yesterday and would like to upgrade the firmware.

I thought this product was meant to be upgraded via the Soundcore app off your phone and over bluetooth not wire?

I don’t own the Flare 2, but have the Motion+ and recently successfully upgrade it via the above. In the app I’m seeing the Flare 2 there, so it’s hinting the app method is likely a better method.

If you have Android:


If you have Apple:


As mentioned by @professor the Flare series of speakers need to be updated via the Soundcore app @Darqness

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

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When I look in the soundcore app at the flare 2 my firmware version is 1.37 showing no updates in the soundcore app.

It tells me the same thing. 1.37 and already up to date.

Right so where did you get the notion of cables and v2.52 from?

Firstly, A3161 is actually Flare, not Flare 2.°-speaker/A3161011

(see the A3161 at end?)

(see the A3165 at end?)

So which is your error? You’ve got the Flare and not the Flare 2? Or you quoted the wrong product code?

I also see what may be tripping you up, if you go to Soundcore support it is directing you to cabled method.

So I suggest the original error you made is you had the wrong firmware to begin, the wrong model so wrong firmware.

Then you don’t have to update it.

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I have the Flare 2, which from the looks of it doesn’t have an actual firmware link. I’m guessing that at this time there’s no update to its firmware. Thanks for the info.

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I have the 3161 model of flare . I am unable to update the firmware to 2.52 from 2.30. the soundcore app downloads the firmware but stuck at 0 % while updating . Today only i purchase and facing this issue

Try the usual tips first, delete pairing, reboot phone, reset the speaker, pair again.

If you’re on Wifi and doesn’t update, try turning Wifi off first. If not on Wifi then try when on Wifi.

Ensure the speaker is not inadvertently connected to anything else, if you knowingly paired with something else then delete that pairing and don’t pair again. If you suspect something/someone paired to it then move away to another location.