SoundCore Flare 2 – 100 units with Linustech! (Updated)

SoundCore Team seems to have sent LinusTech 100 Flare 2 speakers… so we may have something interesting to look out in New few days

Says… we can find out in next week’s video :facepunch:


Wow great news :ok_hand: waiting for a great review :star_struck:

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Love to see a video of those all running at the same time.

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These have to be placed inside home , from one end of the hallway to the other and check if there is any delay of audio being played!

By the looks of it… the speakers seem to be arranged in the form of a triangle shape of

Yes, agree. This pyramid looks good but a strange layout for speaker testing.

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This triangle shape is good for marketing but not ideal for testing…

Thinking of the person, how long they took to power ON and Bluetooth pairing.

Power ON and Pairing with next Flare 2 takes around about 8 to 10 seconds … and placing them… should take around 17-20 minutes

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I would have thought the first few devices would have timed out before the last few were ready!

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Check this out Here for SoundCore Flare 2

$8000 with of flare 2 speakers. Very nice.

And I assume the pyramid was to keep everything neat and organized while pairing it up, the testing will probably need a different arrangement.

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posted my question to LinusTech… guys please post if you have questions or anything you need to be checked here :point_down:

Wow, that’s a lot of speakers. :stuck_out_tongue: I love the Flare pyramid :slight_smile:

Finally we gonna get to see 100 paired units in action

Sound like a big party! :star_struck: