Soundcore Firmware Issues?

So I recently bought a new pair of Soundcore Space NC’s and unfortunately one of the first things I noticed was the fact that they made a pop and hissing sound (not hissing or white noise from the NC being active) whenever I did things such as open apps on my device. What I found was that when “Touch Sounds” were activated on my Note 9 every time did things that were supposed to give sound feedback it made the annoying pop and faint hissing sound completely in sync with my presses. It wasn’t my device either, I tried it on my Dad’s Note 9, my Mum’s Pixel 3 XL and my iPad Pro 10.5, it happened with all three.Then I tried my Dad’s pair of Sony WH-CH500 with my Note 9 and the sound feedback or “Touch Sounds” played perfectly with no popping or hissing. So instantly I thought I had a faulty pair, so I got on a Soundcore live chat and got sent another pair the following few days.

But nope, they had the exact same issue too. While kind of disappointed, I was curious too since it couldn’t have been a defect with my two pairs of Soundcore Space NC’s. So I tried them wired, they worked perfectly. And I also have a Soundcore Boost, therefore I tried it with that. To my surprise there was the exact same issue which leads me to believe there must be an issue with the Bluetooth Firmware inside of some/all Soundcore products? I’ve looked to see if there are others with the same issue but surprisingly not (if you have experienced this issue please let me know).

I hope the Soundcore Space NC’s firmware can be updated too in the future, because it’s definitely not a hardware issue and as of right now you can’t.


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Sounds (pun) like a feature of BT and these headphones. Your option is to accept it or send back for refund.

If I were in your shoes I’d accept it and I seems more of an annoyance than a deal breaker?

Personally I would just disable touch sounds, who ever really uses it anyway as you know what and when your pressing it typing on your screen. Turn the volume off and spare yourself that very little bit of battery use

he did that and used them with multiple devices, same result…

He has been sent a 2nd pair because the first had the same problem, the 2nd is what he is describing above. Should he go with Life2 or Vortex?

see told ya, reponses, usefull info, quick, these guys are great!

Read what he wrote again, he said with touch sound activated, hence why I said just to disable them and be done with it.

I shouldn’t have to disable it, and even if I were to. It’s just an inconvenience having to disable it every time I want to listen to music on headphones.

It’s definitely not a feature of Bluetooth, I’ve now tried a number of bluetooth headphones/speakers and they don’t show the issue whatsoever.

Correct, it is annoying, probably a product flaw, but you can disable or buy another brand. The whole BT is a zoo of issues, I have some Ootz and some Bose which don’t work as I’d like in certain device combinations. My options are to return for money or put up with it. I suggest you make that choice.

My god, if I had touch sounds on, I’d be nuts by now! :wink:

I couldn’t imagine anything more annoying than a beep, bong, etc noise for every keypress. Just turn it off … Full stop. Have HAPTIC feedback instead, it’s far better, and no noise! With haptic, you get a little buzz each keypress, to let you know you’ve pressed, but no sound.

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Exactly why I said turn the touch sound off, it’s more if an annoyance than anything else

It’s definitely not a feature of Bluetooth, I’ve now tried a number of bluetooth headphones/speakers and they don’t show the issue whatsoever.

Great so how many different accounts you going to post from?


Indeed : klick, klick , klick… like the old typewriters of my youth!
This might create memories, but not useful ones. :smiley:

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Me thinks he likes to wear socks, as he has a lot of sock accounts !

Just keep it that’s just an annoyance.

That’s exactly what I’m doing, I just want to make sure Anker are aware of it.

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I have haptics on as well as touch sounds.