Soundcore - does it turn off due to inactivity on AUX


I have heard the soundcore turns off after 10 mins of inactivity

Is that also true if I connect it via AUX?

I want to use one with an Echo Dot but need to make sure it will always be on



Not certain, would have thought so though. Most devices that go into standby with inactivity settings do so because there is no output signal (such as music or even white noise I guess) to keep it active.

Thank you for your question. Please be advised the speaker will auto power off in 10 minutes when Bluetooth disconnected. However, if we connect it via Aux it will not auto power off. Thanks

Does the same thing happen with the premium Stereo Bluetooth Speaker? IF I connect a AUX cable it won’t go into standby mode?

Thank you Chris

@BCT87 We confirm the A3143 speaker works same way with SoundCore speaker. When the audio cable plugged in, it will not enter power saving mode. It only auto power off in 10 minutes when Bluetooth disconnected. Thanks

hello, my soundcore does not power off after 10min but the blinking is slower, please help

Is your device still connected via Bluetooth or auxiliary? You may want to reach out to and send them your order number/ serial number and issue you are having as well as steps you have taken to try and fix the issue

thanks for your reply,
after 10 minuted of disconnection it used to power off, but now it is not powering off, and no, it is not connected to auxiliary cable.

You talk about “auto power off in 10 minutes when Bluetooth disconnected” but I don’t know what you mean.

If the speaker is connected via bluetooth but there has been no activity for 10 or 20 minutes, will it still shut down even though it’s still connected via bluetooth?