Soundcore connects but has no sound

Soundcore connects but has no sound. If it pairs the dialogue says “do you want to pair with this unknown device”. If I say yes the bluetooth shows SoundCore. When I connect all of the right sounds happen but there is no sound. What say You?

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What device and OS are you trying to use the Soundcore speaker on? Also what model of Soundcore is the speaker?

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What soundcore device? (There are many)
What kid of device you try to connect?
We know a lot here, but we are no clairvoyants. :joy:

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Yes, more information about the devices in question is necessary.

Some things to check in the meantime:

  • If Windows 10, downloading the updated Bluetooth drivers for your particular chipset directly from the chipset manufacturer (not the computer manufacturer’s website) usually helps resolve Windows 10 Bluetooth issues.
  • Turn up the volume of the device while the Soundcore is connected by using the volume buttons on the device itself (in addition to the Soundcore’s volume buttons)

Hi people. I have motion+ device. I have no issues using it with my phone, but can’t connect to my PC. After finding and connecting the device in Bluetooth settings, it appeared not in audio device section, but in other devices section. In other words, my pc doesn’t recognize it as an audio device. I tried to restart Bluetooth services in my pc. My anker motion+ has the latest update in it. Please help :slight_smile:

PC means OS WIN10, I suppose.
You should delete the MS bt driver and install that one which is offered by the manufacturer of your bt- card.
This helps in the most cases.

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@chiquinho is right

Also, make sure on bottom right you’ve set the volume… Hopefully it appears as an option

Go to DRIVERS.COM still the best place to get separate drivers for your pc… Always scan before installing.