Soundcore Collective login issue

I logged out of soundcore collective today and can’t log in again. My username and password are all correct.
Can you help?

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Have you tried clearing your cache? Just signed out / in, so it doesn’t seem to be a site wide issue…

I have my passwords auto saved and one time it did that to me. What worked was physically typing the password and it worked, maybe try that? Not sure if you do the same with saved passwords

I had the same issue around 4:30pm but now it seems to be working…:crossed_fingers:

Try now. Seems to be working fine for me

Nope not working yet. Clearing cache didn’t help either. Even my Anker community site is not letting me in. Only power user page lets me login. Posting this from my phone that has not logged me out yet :scream:

Why not just change your password? Surely that should work to allow you to log back in

I have linked my account via Google, FB and same account for Anker / Soundcore… so it’s pretty easy to login.

If you have your ID as one of those… try Google or FB…

Happening to me now, think there are some back-end server issues going on…

Did that too. Didn’t help

No problems here ( LINUX and Google Chrome)

Only way I’ve managed to logon the collective today is via Google…direct email and password just circles me back to the homepage in a logged out state…same behaviour in x3 browers and x4 devices tested.

PM’d @AnkerOfficial to see if there are working on something but not heard anything so far…

Yup same here, both sites are down.

I started having the same issue yesterday. But I was still logged in on phone and one computer, so I kept using those as a workaround. But couldn’t get on in my laptop at all.

It was successfully logging me into soundcore though - the main site. I could see my orders and account there. Just couldn’t get to the community.

This is a strange issue. I was logged into Anker community site on my work laptop and my iPhone and it is still logged in. I log off from my personal macbook and it doesn’t let me log in.
Soundcore Collective has logged me out from all devices and can’t get in at all…
Problem using google/facebook or other means is that whoever you gave permission to can post on your site without your permission so I never let that happen.

The issue has now spread to anker for me also. Work laptop won’t login to either community properly. Getting into the main sites (non community) for both works fine. But I can only post from my phone / personal computer, and that will probably only last until it gets rebooted.

Fixed on both sites for me now. Thanks guys.

Both sites are up again.

All good now :+1: