Soundcore by Anker x AliExpress Brand Fest

Hey Anker fans!

We’ve got a little something for you. AliExpress Brand Fest goes live on June 2nd at 12 AM (PST)! Here are some unbelievable offers you’ll get to enjoy:

  1. Free for the first 50 orders (Limited to $200)
  2. Discount coupons worth $5 (2,000 pieces only!)
  3. Buy 2 get 2% off, buy 4 get 6% off

Follow the Anker Official Store for a chance to get discount coupons and save up to 60% from June 2nd to 3rd. You’ll find the best deals on Soundcore’s high-quality and best-selling headphones, earbuds, speakers, and more. Don’t forget to add to your cart and get 2% off with coins and coupons.

The best part is that Soundcore’s all-new true wireless earbuds will be launching at the same time too! Life Note P3i will go live, and there will only be 1,000 pieces available on the first day, so don’t miss out on this limited-time offer!

See you there!

Unleash Ultimate Sound, Unlock Endless Surprises


WOW! That’s pretty awesome. I’ve only purchased off of AliExpress once.

@AnkerOfficial, quick question: The discounts on that site can be confusing. Do they automatically apply to purchases? If we purchase more than one item and get in within the first 50 purchases, does the order (up to $200USD) get refunded or just a single item up to $200USD?

Thanks for always offering exceptional products at such an affordable price!

I’m reading it as: make a purchase, we’ll decide if you’re in the top 50. If we share your name on here, you can claim a refund.

I haven’t looked at the detail but the other concern with buying from here is the limited warranty.

How many times have we seen new customers but here for support to be told there is none.


Hey @Oggyboy the warranty is the concern here.
My experience with AliExpress is good.
But most brands that sell on AliExpress don’t look after the warranty, Anker included.
So anything bought that needs a warranty claim has to go back to Ali.
Quite often shipping costs and shipping delays makes the process pointless and many don’t bother. Hence the complaints we often/used to see on the forum.


I had only purchased off of there once and had a good experience. The shipping is really slow. I had an alarm set to make a purchase, but I after setting the time, I forgot to turn it on. hahaha.