Soundcore boost & Win10 issues

Hello! I tried to update my soundcore boost, but anker update utility doesn’t recognize it. I need the update ‘couse my Echo dot (3 gen) doesn’t see it… Pls help me, thanks!

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Hi @Alessandro_Saba
Can you connect your Echo via Bluetooth to any other devices?
I haven’t tried mine, but may later today - I have never upgraded the firmware on my Boost so will try that too.
Ill feedback how i get on. Likewise, let me know if you have a breakthrough.
Have a great day.

Link to instructions

If on a Windows system then have to follow the exact same steps as per video so it installs the device drivers before you attach the speaker in its upgrade mode via the button sequence then cable.

If doesn’t work

  • Try a different USB port.
  • Try different USB cable.
  • And keep retrying as its a device driver and timing issue.

I have an unopened Boost. Waiting to find someone who would benefit from one. When I look at the date of the firmware I’m struggling to see why a new one would need a 2 year update? If I need to then probably should do it myself before gifting to someone.


i never made any updates with my speakers.
They all work.
Never change a running system. :smiley:


Both correct. Ain’t broke don’t fix. But also may need the upgrade to fix whatever it fixes.

Windows and these firmware upgrades is very finicky, just keep retrying it works eventually, the special button pressing usually takes a few attempts and then it only stays like that for a while when usually Windows drivers get installed so it then works the 2nd or 3rd time. Different USB versions so different USB ports.

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That’s it “whatwever it fixes”. :joy:
Who ever knows what it really fixes.

We both know working for many years in this section what is really fact.

Even its announced to fix a certain bug, who knows it really does.

Correct. Those probs may be caused by using a “wrong” USB port.
Happend to me.

Agreed, there’s no changelog. Not good. There’s always a small chance of bricking during firmware upgrade so ideally only do to fix a bug you have in the changelog.

But also bear in mind this is a low cost item so expectations should not be as high as say a server or laptop. This isn’t ITIL with incident management, change management and a configuration management database :nerd_face:

I actually haven’t updated any of my speakers, either (unless the SoundCore app automatically applies the update). I never really had an issue with any of them that warranted an update.

@Alessandro_Saba, be sure to put the Boost into pairing mode before telling Alexa to “pair with my device”. You can put it in pairing mode by holding down the power button until you hear a tone and the LED flashes.

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No app, no updates , no issues, all speakers working! :rofl:
But I hope all those using the updates have no probs.
We were talking about updates so often!

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excellent advice! Holds good for any product.

I had updated lot of systems, only to find the updates application / hardware not that great or slow… as I speak, I am formatting my windows 10 tab and restoring / going back to original windows install… :smiley:

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X: An issue has to be repaired by a patch.

But this patch is faulty itself.

So this first patch needs a second patch to repair the errors of the first patch.
The issue which this first patch should repair
is neither repaired by the first nor the second patch.

Jump to label X

We all know how this is called → an “endless loop”:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hello everyone! Nothing, I tried everything :frowning_face: The device is not seen in any way by the app. I give up, in this period isn’t an important problem. thanks to all :hugs:

@Alessandro_Saba Have you reached out to soundcore support , if not, please send them a detailed note on the issue, they may be able to help you with next steps