Soundcore Boost (upgraded edition) vs. Windows 10

Well, today I just wanted to try out my new speaker with my computer. I was able to pair them and everything worked fine except one thing. If I wanted to change the volume from the computer I was simply unable to do it. Changing the volume from 100% to 1 on my PC did nothing. If I reached the 0, the speaker was muted.
On the other hand, when I tried changing the volume on the speaker itself, everything worked like a charm. The volume was changing and I saw the volume sliders moving on my Windows screen. So absolute volume works in only one direction.
I’m afraid this is a bug of the device since my Motion+ (and of course my Life Q30 as well) works perfectly on the same computer.
Has anyone else experienced this? Where could this problem be reported?

You’ve already posted in the ideal place two hours earlier

Wait, or email

Most of us are fed up hearing of Windows 10 issues and wish for better documentation.

OK, thanks! I was a bit confused where to write about this problem. I really hope they follow these community pages and will be able to correct it with a firmware update. Because apart from that, this little speaker is so perfect that i would be sorry if this error could not be fixed.

Is there any difference between and Should I write to both?

In the beginning Soundcore was a sub brand off Anker, hence why Soundcore section here.

Then, to promote the Soundcore brand, they separated off, made its own community, own website, own support email. They then moved all Soundcore eyeballs to not look here but the new Soundcore community, so you’re largely wasting your time here.

So you’ll often see if someone began here we’d point them there. To stop duplicate and spreading fixes thinner across multiple places, it’s also good hygiene to not answer questions here as they may differ from there.

Even so, email often gets faster official support, while community is peer support so if someone has encountered same issue before you may get a quick reply from community.

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