Soundcore Boost times out too fast!

My Soundcore Boost will turn itself off only after only a couple of minutes of inactivity forcing me to have to power it back up again! This is pretty annoying for example when I only pause the music or movie to go do something and then come back and its turned off again! Is there any way to control the timeout? Extend it or maybe even turn it off???

Does the new Soundcore app work with the Soundcore Boost?

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What kind of standby times are you getting? On my Soundcore devices I get about 10 minutes before it shuts down.

About 2-3 minutes and then it shuts down

If your device is still paired to it, even when paused it should not time out and shut off. The only time it should time out is if your device disconnects from the speaker and or is out if range for more than 2 to 3 minutes.

If your are experiencing different then reach out to provide them with your order number and serial number as well as any steps taken to resolve this problem

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Mostly, I have the speaker directly plugged into my TV by using the AUX connection and not the bluetooth. So it is never disconnected from the source. Yet, it times out if I pause any playback like if I am watching a movie for more than 2-3 minutes.

I also tried using the bluetooth instead of the AUX connection and see if it does still timeout and it still does the same thing. Other than this issue which is very annoying, I love the speaker. It does sound great.

Dear @andrew.luk88

Thank you for contacting us and letting us know your issue.

Regarding the issue you mentioned, please note this Soundcore Boost speaker has Auto-turn off function, and the situation will happen when:

  • It is disconnected from the host devices after around 10 minutes
  • It is no audio signal input after around 30 minutes
  • It is no audio signal input under AUX mode after around 10 minutes

We regret that there is no way to disable this behavior at present. Hope for your understanding.

So sorry for the inconvenience caused. Wish you all the best!

Thank you for the reply but I have already figured out that it has an auto-off feature. It was never mentioned in the instruction manual nor in any description of the speaker before I bought it though. I have the original Soundcore which does not have this feature and I am very satisfied with that one and is one of the major reasons I decided to get this Soundcore Boost one as well.

But as I mentioned, it turns off only after about 2-3 minutes of no audio signal input. Not 30 minutes. And since it is connected by AUX cable to my TV, it is never disconnected from the host source.

So now that you have told me all this, then the only conclusion is that the unit I have is defective, correct?