Soundcore Boost Sometimes Won't Turn Off After Pressing The Button

My new Soundcore Boost won’t turn off. After discounted from bluetooth, unpairing, and even holding the power button down for close to 20 seconds. When plugged in it does the same thing. When I came home after work it was still flashing a slow blue on the charger. When I tried powering down it just flashed for about 15 minutes and it looks like it shut down.

I know last night I took it off the charger and ran it for a little while. I turned it off and went to bed when I when I went to turn it on 12 hours later it was dead. So I’m guessing flashed all night and part of the day. It may not even fully charged.

I’m planning to track these issues and see if these if it happens again. My question is, should it power down right after holding the power button down for a select amount of time or does it take time before it powers down?

Hi @Element321 you need to Push one short time the Power Button for on and off.

If you push it longer, you enter the Bluetooth pairing mode.

Hope this fix your problem. :yum:

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I’ve tried that as well. I’ve done it both ways.

Okay, the Ankersupport is great, contact them :ok_hand:

I think will be doing that. I want to give it give a few more days. Just now I was able to get shut off using the power button for 1 second. But my phone is dead and I want to try it while its connected.

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I’ve found myself doing the same thing: I’m so used to holding down the power button to turn off a Bluetooth speaker that I’ve been doing it with the Boost out of habit. I noticed the other day that my speaker was on unintentionally as well. However, I’ve been able to turn it off consistently by doing a short tap on the power button, so I’m thinking I must be holding it down and not realizing it.


Its got to be the same for me. But I would think it would turn off after a few minutes of standby time.

@TechnicallyWell @pauldey Thank you for answering the questions. @Element321 we can power off the speaker by short press the power button. If we hold it longer, it will enter pairing mode. By the way, the speaker will auto power off in 10 minutes when Bluetooth disconnected or no audio signal input. If it doesn’t turn off in 10 minutes once you disconnected the Bluetooth, please contact us via We can help you with the exchange or refund. Thanks

Just tried using my Anker Soundcore for the 1st time today and not impressed. It won’t pair though solid blue light is on AND. Blue light has been on all day. Won’t shut off