Soundcore boost not timing out after music ended

I just got a Soundcore Boost. Sounds great and everything, but when I listen to music before bed, it does not time out and turn off when the music is over. Playing from cell phone android app (in timer mode) via bluetooth. I checked it the next day and still had not turned off after 36 minutes of no music. Power button still was lit. From several other forum discussions I saw that it was supposed to turn off after 10 minutes. Any suggestions? Thanks.

You should test to see if this feature is working if it’s not connected to the speaker…

Thanks for the fast reply. How would I test it?

Sorry for the late reply. I would just play music from the speakers on your phone with a stopping limit of around 5 minutes. If the music keeps playing then it must be a problem with your phone.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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I find with all these Bluetooth things, they stay connected while bt is still turned on.

Your prob better doing a dnd for a set time, and not only will the music stop with the timer, but as soon as it goes into dnd and it cuts BT n all network modes, the speaker will turn off as not connected to bt any longer.


I did not explain it the original message very well. The music does stop at the appropriate time, but the speaker stays on until the next day when I manually turn it off.
Thanks again.

Oh, the speaker is supposed to stay on until it’s turned off manually…

would I set the dnd to correspond when the music should end? Then could I set the DND for how long to be active?

The speaker will stay on as @MacBlank mentioned because there is still has a BT connection. It will only turn off after 10 minutes if there is no BT connection and it’s no longer paired to a source device.


If you set dnd for 30 mins or rest of the night (no calls or notifications) until morning alarm :wink:

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Of course we old ones knew some stuff.
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As @Tank and @MacBlank mention it says on even after the music turns off. There times it will stay on until the speaker runs out of power if my phone/tablet stays near the speaker all day.

I setup dnd and it works unless text comes from family members that are setup to ignore dnd settings. At other times I just turn off the speaker when I’m not using it or leave the range of the speaker for more than 5 minutes and it will turn off after a set time.

Thanks to all. I found some sleep timer apps that disconnect Bluetooth. A couple of them work pretty good.


Glad to see you got it worked out :+1:

Which apps are they.

Others maybe interested, and if you’ve tried them, then on this post, you can name them, as it’s relevant.