Soundcore boost makes like hissing sound at high volume?

Is this normal? I especially notice it with songs that have a lot of vocals and not that lot of bass. Tried different sources (flac, mp3 320 kbps) and it seems it always happens.

Hi @the7bulk , I take it this is when your playing via BT, does the same occur when connected via AUX?

I the same occurs when connected with a cable directly,
you should tell the ANKER service your problem.
I’m sure you will get help there.
You never stand alone! :wink:

Ok, I’ll try it later on. Need to borrow 3.5 to 3.5 cable somewhere first. I’m noticing it happens on some songs more and on some songs less. It’s like when you play a really low quality mp3 (the sound it makes at highest volume).

What you might do.
You know you can control the volume 2 ways.
At the source and at the speaker.
You might “play” little bit:
volume of the speaker high and adjust it at the source
or reverse.

When using an Equalizer, make sure the preamp is NOT adjusted to high.
This causes distortions as well.

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On mine Android phone volume is connected. With windows laptop volume is separate it seems. I didn’t have any equalizer settings set before using them in both win /android.

So I tried with AUX now and yes it’s somewhat noticeable. Quality is slightly better with aux than Bluetooth. So does this means it’s just a Bluetooth thing? If you guys have any audio file I could test I can do it.
Thanks for the answers.

Whenever I test a speaker, I use… We are the vampires, by gamma

It’s on YouTube, just play it straight from YouTube.

That should give you a good test for sound.

Alternative answer…

Could it be the start of tinitus?
Which is why you hear when it’s at high volume? Just a thought.

With tinitus, you’ll get a hissing sound now n again when it really quiet, or even a mysterious whistle type sound. Would usually happen after listen to a lot music on a GOOD volume!

If that’s the case, and it’s just starting and only after lots of sound, then… See your Dr and cut out loud music, esp via headphones (they’re the worse, as it goes direct to your ears… And prob the main cause for my permanent tinitus (about 12 years with no rest now)).

There are apps (Android) were you find a satisfying equalizer
Some are free. You should look for those.
You might be more happier with the sound.
When running my speaker without eq I#m really disappointed.
Try it.


Yeah , I’ll try that. I have equalizer and I can even flash viper and play around with it. No problem. I tested a low quality mp3 now and it seems that it’s more noticeable on high volume in comparison to my home theater system. Guess it depends on the song too, just asked cause I wondered if it was maybe a hardware problem.

It definitely isn’t :grinning:
I compared same songs I tested on my home theater system and didn’t notice any of this. And that thing plays a lot louder.

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I use Jetaudio for Android.
The eq is OK.
Windoofs (sic) I don’t touch (old LINUXER :smile:)

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@the7bulk Sorry for the issue you have with the speaker. From the description, it seems the speaker is faulty. Would you please contact us via with your purchase receipt and shipping address? We can help you with the exchange ASAP. Thanks


Thank you for you offer . I bought from store in Croatia so I assume that wouldn’t work ,right?
I just asked here to see if this is some kind of error on mine or normal behavior. I don’t think I’m gonna try to return it to a store because this seems like it would be hard to prove to a seller and I would be without a speaker for a while . Again , thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

You should really test viper4anroid .
The amount of options this thing has is amazing. It has to be flashed, can’t be installed as .apk but if you come from linux it shouldn’t be a hassle.

That aside I never been an EQ fan. I feel like I have to do it for each song individually and that takes too much time so I just play everything on default.


Thank you for the advice & good luck with the service.
But usually the ANKER service is phenomenal!

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I made a video now. I used Bluetooth cause I’m noticing the same thing on both aux and BT. If any of you has time to listen and see if this sounds right.
Second song is turned up to the highest volume and you can hear the problem noticeably. I’m not hearing it at lower volumes that much really. It might even feels more like distortion than hissing. There’s some cracking sound in the video but that’s not the speaker but microphonics from my phone. I tested all this HQ song files on highest volume on my home theater and can’t hear this at highest volume (what I hear with boost).

I made one now with that song you suggested . Don’t know it that good cause I don’t know song that much so could you please check it? I know other two and the second one especially does make that crackling noise.

Link to the video of recording boost at highest volume


I can’t play right now, due to circumstances, but I will play later.

If it’s the normal song from YouTube then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Distortion sounds more like a wet fart, than hissing.

Great, thanks. I’m not even sure how to describe it in my own language but maybe crackling would be a good word :smile:

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