SoundCore Boost - hidden options or?

Hi there!
Today i pressed and held(for some seconds) two buttons:
Play + Volume up -> then got Boost system turned ON/OFF
Play + Volume down -> then seems like speaker did hard reset. It turned off, next turned on with all battery lights flashed(It wasn’t fully charged) and my device(cell phone) couldn’t connect with speaker via bluetooth.
Does anyone know what are these functions in Anker SC Boost and there are more hidden features?

Never tried these combos.

I didn’t know they had all these combos.I figured they had at least a hard reset feature. Good to know if you need to do a hard reset.

My bad guys. I checked it and I did mistake about “- button”, sorry. Now I’m sure there are two hidden combos:

  1. Press “play button” with “+ button” and it will turn ON or OFF bassUp
  2. Press and hold “play button” with “bassUp button” and it will hard reset speaker
    Hope it works on every SoundCore boost, not only mine.

Hi there, I have a SoundCore Boost model A3145 and I can confirm both combos, however #1 is rather useless as long as the BassUp button is not broken, and #2 does not seem to do more than just clearing the internal list of paired devices. Also, I had to try combo #2 several times until something did happen.

But I had to try because I am experiencing a strange malfunction with my SoundCore Boost, which apparently does not switch off the charging output any more when turned off. But I’ll start a new thread about that.

I never push any button combinations I don’t know about.

You never would do this with your computer, or do you that?
Sometimes if I press a key combination accidentally and
and something weird happens to my settings its not easy to
get everything perfectly again. :rofl: