SoundCore Boost doesn`t react to change of volume on pc


my SoundCore Boost is connected to my pc via bluetooth. he doesn`t react to the change of the volume, if the change was done at the pc.

Also the pc doesn`t react on pressing keys on the SoundCore like Play/Pause oder skip title.

At the smartphone everything works. On the same pc a dockin speaker is working without problems.

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Hallo Volker,
if you using WIN you should replace the BT-driver offered by WIN with that one of the manufacturer of your BT device.
Those issues are known.


@Chiquinho is right. You should make sure your Bluetooth device works with other devices.

Hi, i have three other bluetooth speakers and two headsets. All of them work without problems and with the complete functionality with the bluetooth of my computer. Only the SoundCore Boost doesn`t.

I still think it’s the windows BT driver. It’s very sporadic in wether or not it works…

Ja nun, Volker,

Other devices are working?
But still I think you should go for an actual driver of the bt-card in your device.
But what else can we do?
Have you tried to remove the speaker from the BT-list of the PC?
Disconnecting, reconnecting?

Then you might try a hard reset of the speaker.
If all this shows no success you should
contact the support.

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I have wrote to the support and they told me to a firmware update, but this doesn`t help.

I tried it also on a notebook, an i doesn`t work also on the notebook.

I try an exchange of the product.