Soundcore Boost crackling sound at high volume

With Nokia 6.1 connected through bluetooth to soundcore boost, speaker muffle or crackle when i turn up volume more than 70percent but its working fine with other devices and sometimes Bluetooth disconnect automatically. Anyone facing the same issue? (Nokia 6.1 have Bluetooth 5.0 other devices i tested have lower Bluetooth version)

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Obviously there is a problem with bt 5.0.
I run only 4.X versions and there is no problem at all.

Have you tried to change the volume at the phone and rise it at the speaker.
You might do this vice and versa.
Same problem?

It’s your Nokia, you can do a search online and see many other people experiencing similar issues with the nokia the problem lies in its software implementation for volume. After the latest update Dolby software had too much gain/preamplification and thus caused too high of volume. One work around is to disable Dolby sound on your phone, this may or may not fix the issue, but it has for others. The other thing you can do is set your absolute volume lower so you do not have to deal with this everytime.


My Nokia 6.1 do not have Dolby sound feature. But yes i tried Nokia 3(Bluetooth 4.2) working perfectly fine. So is there any solution regarding that? I’ve tried another music players like foobar2000 but no luck.

According to Nokia, your phone should have Dolby atmos, not sure when it got that feature or if it had it from the start but users report that once they disable atmos their volume returned to normal. You will have to go into settings, sound and disable Dolby

Yes, if there is a really an overridden preamp it is worse.
All speakers will have such an effect when the preamp is to high.

May be he could eliminate this by using a eq.

i think you are considering nokia 6 (2017) but i have nokia (2018) which don’t have this feature and i am sure about that.

Yes i tried changing eq which eliminated crackling upto some extent and i will try with another application with its own equilizer. I just dont have soundcore for 3 days. I will post if i get better result.
Still i think Anker should fix this issue via frimware update.
Thanks everyone!

It’s not an issue with the speaker, as I mentioned it’s an issue with the phones software. Proof by the fact other devices work fine except your Nokia.

What is the exact model number of your phone?


Nokia 6.1(2018). Model TA-1089

There could be a sync issue as well. Not sure if you see the issue, but if the 2 volume controls (phone and boost) are not in sync you would have an issue. You can try to turn your device volume below 70% as well as the boost volume to 70%, then change the phone volume lower and see if the speaker follows, if it does you have a software quirk like LG does. This happened a lot in older ipods, if you have the base system up over 70% you will end up having cracking out of your speakers when you turn that over 70% as well. (70% is like a magic number as well for volumes and such so its why I listed it)

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Sync issue is possible maybe as when i connect to soundcore volume bar on the top automatically shows up and after that if i immediately try to increase volume it decreases automatically which happens once usually but then after i use to be able to increase volume without any issues. It happened even when i connected to windows laptop but it got synced correctly after increasing and decreasing volume once.

Ja! This could be an idea!

Two ways to adjust the loudness:
The source and the speaker.

I never had issues like this.
(Speaker full level, adjustment at the source.)

Using weird LINUX…
Sometimes works after a lot of “tinkering”
But when … It is a miracle!!! :joy:

I would recommend you to enable developer options if you haven’t already, then go into their settings and disable “Absolute Volume” this prevents excessive loudness between sources and volume changes

ohh yes this seems to be a working solution, i will try once i got my hands on my soundcore. Really appreciate you all here, Thanks a lot. I will post after trying this.


You are welcome!
We are all here to help and give an advice.
Hope you succeed!

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just checked my soundcore, turned on absolute volume and nothing got fixed it still crackle at high volume and i noticed another thing speaker keeps on disconnecting automatically when i switch apps.

Send a message and let them know the issue you are having and see what they say

Btw, your suppose to disable absolute volume not enable it. Generally its normally on already so if it was off on your phone then keep it off

yes i mean i disabled it but no luck in that and i asked them they just said things about radio interruption and reset soundcore nothing much. Btw i tested on two nokia 6.1 and both of them facing same issue, my ipad3, laptop and nokia 3 are working fine.

Then it’s as I mentioned before with the last phone update it screwed things up. Unless they fix it in a new update you will experience the same problem. It’s an issue with the phone and until an update fixes it theres really nothing that can be done short of forcing a rollback