Soundcore Boost charging question

The manual says for the Boost to be fully charged the led battery indicator must stop flashing. However on my boost it can only charge up to the point where there’s four led indicator lights. Is this normal?

The light should turn off completely when fully charged. Try using another cable & charger. The problem is most likely a damaged USB Micro charge cable or weak charger.

Its weird cos the usb i used charged it from one light to four lights just fine but after that it the four led lights never turned off so it hasn’t fully charged

I’m using the usb supplied and a 2A charger, but the led lights still havent disappeared yet.

I would experiment with alternate micro USB cables & charger combinations to see if that fixes your problem first. If that doesn’t fix your problem I’m sure Anker will be happy to return or exchange your speaker for you.

Hi @soundlover,
If the 4 LEDs are on steady (none are flashing), then the speaker is fully charged and can be disconnected from the charger. This is normal. After awhile, the LEDs may turn off on their own, but you don’t need to wait for them to turn off as the speaker is already fully charged. :slight_smile:

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I think the confusion lies in the fact that the directions state that the Lights should turn off when fully charged.

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Thanks! I got so confused when I left it in the charger for 12 hours but the leds still didn’t turn off like it said in the manual

Hi soundlover, have you solve this probblem?
I’m another user with this probblem too…
I have try different wall charger (5A=2A) and this probblem is still showing

Please anker support CS, give solution.