SoundCore Boost Bluetooth Speaker NFC and Why

Just received my SoundCore Boost Bluetooth Speaker and love it (review coming soon). It paired via bluetooth just fine and I have smart connect setup so it connects whenever I’m in range and the speaker is active.

I never could figure out how to connect via NFC (read forum post on it). I know NFC is limited range and if you aren’t on the sweet spot it won’t work. I’m using an old LG G4 with NFC (middle of the battery plate I think) and I set the phone on the speaker with NFC on but it won’t connect. Could there be an issue if I have plastic and rubber case. Is it thick enough to block the signal?

Also what are the benefits of using NFC if I can smart connect via Bluetooth?

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Not used NFC for a while on phones (damn iPhone, maybe with version 20 :grin:) but normally as long as your within an inch or so you should be able to detect and connect to an NFC compatible device. I’ve often found though that detection is not always near the NFC symbol for some devices (which would be the most intuitive place to have detection).

As for the benefits, the main two are it uses less power than BT (normally) and has faster detection of device through elimination of having to pair via a menu etc

More details can be found here;

I used the NFC to pair my soundcore Pro to my OnePlus 5. Actually, the only benefit is to avoid going in your bluetooth settings to manually connect both devices. It makes sense only for the first connection, because like you said, afterwards, both devices connect automatically when they are both turned on, and within range of each other.

I thought that may be the case. I really do not see a reason for it. I typically have my phone with me when I’m paired to my speakers.

Do you where the proper placement on the speaker is? I can’t seem to find it. It could be my LG G4 acting up again. But I can’t seem to get it connect via NFC.

When I had my LG G4 I could not have a case on it if I wanted to use NFC. It also had to be directly on whatever I was pairing with NFC, once it connects it will vibrate to let you know the handshake went through

I figured that was the case. My LG G4 is junk. It gets buggier every day. Did you have issues with yours?

I had one when I worked for AT&T it was my work phone and in the course of 5 weeks they replaced it twice because 1.It got stuck in boot loop, 2.cell service went out and could only receive calls and not make then. It’s hard to sell a phone or even a brand when you have nothing but issues with it.

Sounds like my phone was a little better off. I’m on my 3rd factory reset 2nd micro SD card and only have 6 months left before I want to replace my phone.

The NFC feature is usually just to help pair.
try this: unpair your speaker from your phone.
then, turn on the NFC (if it’s not automatic) and place your phone (with NFC toggled on) on the sweet spot. It should initiate bluetooth pairing without you having to do too much; the audio will then be streamed over bluetooth

Lol that’s wishful thinking. I personally don’t think it will happen at all.

It would only happen if they could drastically extend the distance tolerance so they could say they have the best nfc phones available. But even then how many people actually use it?? :thinking:

More people us NFC for sharing contacts or notes with one another more than anything. Also I doubt apple will ever use it because they cannot control the security standard on it

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Having iPhones for several years, along with the majority of friends and family using them, I’m outta that loop. I mean I hardly even use their air drop feature lol