Soundcore Boost battery problem

This is an excellent speaker with full range speakers and good base response. Unfortunately, the speaker battery appears to be faulty in that it will not charge up higher than 75%. Even after two days on the mains charger, my current monitor showing that the Soundcore Boost is only drawing a trickle charge and the speaker indicator lights showing the speaker is fully charged, as soon as I unplug it, only three indicator lights show (50-75%).

Had problems with battery issues with the previous Anker A3143. I hope this isn’t going to be a problem with the Soundcore Boost, too!

Try different USB cable first.

Have tried different cables and chargers. Checked that the Soundcore Boost is drawing >1.5Amps during charging. Tried charging it whilst speaker turned on and off. Same problem. It appears to charge up fine with all four indicator lights coming on after a few hours and current draw will drop to a trickle. As soon as I unplug it and switch the speaker on, the four indicator lights drop instantly to three.

Such battery behaviour (charged to 100% on mains; big sag on unplugging) is generally seen with a worn out lithium rechargeable. I can only guess that my unit has a bad battery. Looking at Amazon reviews, someone else has also posted a similar experience with his unit.

I guess it’s time to contact Anker support for a return and replacement.

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If you have tried a fresh cable and wall charging option (or you know your wall charger is charging other devices fine) you would be best emailing with serial, fault and troubleshooting steps taken.

Mmmhh never had this issue. Maybe you have a faulty product. Follow @ndalby 's advice and contact the support. They will most probably help you on this issue.

@jeromem29 Thanks for your update. Sorry for the problem of the speaker. From the description, the speaker should be defective. We are happy to help you with the replacement or refund. Could you please contact us via We will help you out ASAP. Thanks