Soundcore Boost battery life

I love my soundcore boost but the battery is no where near as good as the original soundcore’s. My original soundcore would last me 2 weeks and the boost around 2-3 days with the same usage.


Hi @soundlover,
The run-time on the SoundCore Boost is about 12 hours where the original SoundCore is 24 hours. This is likely due to the Boost being more powerful/louder at 20 watts compared to the original SoundCore’s 6 watts.
Please note that the battery life can be less depending on how loud you set the speaker.

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Indeed. If I can recall correctly, Anker’s estimates are usually based on 80% volume, and given that the BassUp function is on by default, I would assume that it was also on in there testing.

I know there have been reports of the speaker lasting well less than advertised. If this is the case with your unit, feel free to shoot an email to and they will gladly issue a refund or hook you up with a different speaker (whether that be another Boost or something else entirely). Either way, they’ll make sure you’re getting the same value (perhaps partial refund, too).

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I usually set my speaker from 20-50 percent with bassup off most of the time. Speaker lasts me around 8-10 hours (around 2 days) so I guess its accurate. Just no where near the 50+ hours I get from the original soundcore.

There’s definitely an issue with my soundcore boost; I was playing at 10 percent for about half an hour and I went from 100 Percent to 75 Percent.
Not only that but when using other usb cables other than the one supplied, when unplugged from a “full charge” (4 leds) it shows 3 leds.

I have the same issue with mine. Some time after a full night charge I turn on my soundcore boost and it only show 3 led and only 2 after a few minute… It’s like I’d the battery is really weak. I bought a second one and will try to compare if I get better battery life with the other one. I was planning to buy a third for the cottage but I will wait until I fix my first unit.

Keep us updated man. I used a different usb cord today to charge overnight and mine only charged up to two lighrs.

ok, after being able to fully charge my soundcoreboost (I took a different charger) I was able to make it last more than 12 hours with no bass boost and with an average audio level of 60%
I’m really happy with this result… I will still compare when I’ll receive my second unit…

I’m not very worry for the battery life but concern about the charging… hopefully my issue is just the charger or cable…
I will definitely post my result

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If mine’s left overnight it simply doesn’t charge to full unfortunately

Have you tried a different charging cable and wall charger? If so and the results are still the same try reaching out to . From your original post the audio playback times seem correct given the difference in published specs which @TechnicallyWell has already highlighted


Have you received your second unit? Is it any better?

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