Soundcore Boost 20W Not Charging

I recently purchased a Soundcore Boost speaker through Amazon and I’ve loved it so far. The speaker came with about 50% charge, so I haven’t had to charge it before now. I have tried many different outlets, plugs, and micro usbs, but the problem persists. Whenever it’s plugged in to charge, the light just blinks for “low battery.” No matter how long I leave it, it’s doesn’t charge at all. If I turn it on while it’s plugged in, lights come on, but there is no sound. Tried wireless and AUX input. Am I doing something wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you please mention with what charger do you charge the Soundcore speaker? Please provide the charger power ratings.

I have no idea what the charge ratings are. It’s currently plugged into an Apple iPad wall plug with the provided Anker Micro USB, if that makes a difference.

Soundcore Boost has charging requirement of 5V with 2A, and takes approximately 4-6 hours to fully charge.

Make sure the charger provides this and also disconnect any device which may be draining battery power from the Soundcore Boost since it can also charge other devices.

If the Soundcore Boost speaker still does not charge, please contact Soundcore support and keep the purchase receipt handy if requested for warranty question.


Turns out that iPad charger is 5v, 2.4a, so it shouldn’t have a problem charging the SoundCore Boost, correct? It’s plugged directly into the outlet and it using the Micro USB that came with the unit. I’ll give it a couple hours then see if it has actually been charging. It still has the “low battery” light blinking. Is it supposed to blink or be a steady light when charging?

A single flashing / blinking suggests the battery is low (less than 5%) or charging. Can you use a different MicroUSB cable or a different charger and try to charge the Soundcore Boost.

Also this would be a time to connect with support

Soundcore Boost has a known charging port issue! This was reported on numerous occasions in the last few years since the speaker was launched. The charging port flaw becomes apparent after going through three of these exact speakers that develops the identical problem: You plug in a charging cable, it turns the speaker on but does not charge. Moving the cable around it starts to charge then when you let go of the cable it stops charging. Clearly a problematic port. My speakers have never been used outdoors and have never touched moisture or water. On all occasions I was using quality Anker micro USB cables. Sometimes the speaker charging port only lasted 6 months of minimal use. It is a shame to have a great little speaker that can no longer be used. I will still remain loyal to Anker products as I’ve used them since they were first launched, however this makes me question their quality control on Soundcore speakers.