SoundCore Boost 20W completely unresponsive

Having used the SoundCore Boost for about a month with no problems, one day it ran low on battery and is now totally unresponsive. I have tried different chargers but it wont charge or respond in any way, is there any way of resetting it or is this a faulty product?

different USB cables too?


Hi @alexblanks, are any lights present? As @nigelhealy has mentioned to rule out whether the charge issue is purely SoundCore or cable/charger related, can you try another cable in conjunction with your wall chargers?

Should you still have no response you will need to reach out to with your serial number, email and purchase location to look into a warranty replacement or further troubleshooting.

I have tried a few different chargers and usb cables and no light are present

Thanks for the confirmation. It appears the unit has failed from the troubleshooting you have mentioned. I would email support as mentioned my previous post.

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thanks ill email them

Put all of the evidence you did root cause analysis in one email, show all you did, think of all the obvious tests Anker would ask and put the fact you thought of it already and tested and eliminated already in one email. That will save typically 1 or 2 days in getting resolution.

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I know it’s not the same but I have found that whenever I have a battery that has drained almost fully, it appears to not charge. But by leaving it plugged in for up to 24 hours it has sprung back and held a charge. Maybe give that a try

Sound advice @nigelhealy , be as thorough as you can in the email to reduce the possible email tennis with questions.

@elmo41683 , I’ve seen similar things with deep battery drain but normally you can at least get a light, well on the things I’ve encountered anyways…

My tablet and ihome Bluetooth speaker both do the same thing if left to fully drain the battery. Only way I know they still work is the 24 hour charge. I try not to let them drain to no end but sometimes it can’t be helped

A low battery alarm when it hits say 20% charge would be nice.