SoundCore Boost 20W charging, battery and sound issues

So…I have recently purchased a SoundCore Boost. I have used the provided cable for charging, tried different other cables and wall plugs but the speaker shows one LED blinking indicating low battery (or charging - i cant say). It has been plugged in for over 8 hours and still there’s no other activity on it. I’m able to power the speaker on while plugged in but it produces a screeching sound while the volume is even at medium; low volume doesn’t throw this screeching sound. When i unplug the charger, the speaker goes off. Basically the battery came dead and likes to stay that way. I’m not able to use the speaker at all! Did I receive a faulty unit?

Seems there is a problem with that speaker,
as you were already using different cables and chargers,
the speaker might be defective.

Best and easiest way would be to write an email to the support.
(order and item number should be added of course)
You might add a short video as well, this is often much better than 1000 words.

You’ll also need to give them the serial number from the speaker as well. You’ll find it in the little pull out tab where you’d charge it.

Email support at and they’ll arrange a shiny new replacement for you.

I have this speaker myself and when you get a new one you’ll throughly enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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