SoundCore Arc Review

I recently purchased the SoundCore Arc wireless earbuds from my local Walmart. I purchased them at full MSRP of $39.99.

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These earbuds fit very well right out of the box. I was intimidated by all the different earpieces included in the box, so I left it as is. After using these headphones for a while, I noticed that the earpiece was just too big for me. Putting on a brave face, I looked in the instruction manual. What I saw was an arrow pointing away from the earpiece showing me how to replace it. So with basically no instruction I just ripped it off, ear wing and all. It came off perfectly with just enough resistance to ensure it doesn’t come off in your ear. I put on slightly smaller ear pieces (included with product) and the fit was 100% perfect.

My biggest concern was the ear hook. I was concerned that it would bother me or be troublesome. Little did I know quite how adjustable they were. They flex with extreme ease, and can be twisted or turned anyway to ensure that they do not cause a problem. At first, the ear hook would rub up against the back of my ear and cause pressure, a simple push and that issue was completely resolved.


I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile, but I am pretty close. Various music sources sounded absolutely astonishing, although I have found these earbuds to be a bit loose on the bass. Then again, I do love Razor Kraken headphones for their extremely bass-heavy signature. The Arc’s signature may not be in my complete personal preference, but out of any headphone I have used to date I have found the Arc’s signature to be the most true in sound replication. Overall, for earbuds, 9/10 on sound.


Considering the price of this unit, I expected the microphone to be lackluster at best. I paired these to my computer and loaded up Audacity. They sounded good. Like really good. To give you a comparison, they were better than my in-build Beats Audio dual-microphone computer setup. Were they as good as a dedicated microphone? Of course not, but they outbeat the boom-style headset microphone with absolute ease. Overall, for the price, the inbuilt microphone is a solid 10/10, no static, no distortion, no electric noise. Clear and defined. Honestly, this was the most shocking point for me. Even multi-hundred dollar headphones’ (that sound better than this) microphone does not compare. It was just THAT good.


These earbuds are extremely comfortable. You cannot sleep on your side with them on, because the earpiece would rub on your head. However, I OFTEN got up and walked away from what I was doing and completely forgot I was wearing these earbuds. I could wear these all day and not experience any pain or discomfort, granted everything is adjusted to my preference.


Range on these headphones is great. 30 feet is easy to pull off even with walls in-between.

Bluetooth Delay:

Being an audio enthusiast, Bluetooth delay has ALWAYS bothered me to the extreme. It has bothered me before these earbuds, and it will continue to bother me with these earbuds. As for delay however, these earbuds were very well performing compared to other wireless headphones, however the delay will always be there, and is very inconsistent. I have found Bluetooth Delay to be especially annoying when using the YouTube application on iOS, or using the dial pad on the phone application. It’s not worse on these earbuds than it is on other Bluetooth devices, it’s better. I just needed to include this to make sure people are aware.


10 hours playtime is about accurate. Give or take an hour (normally give).


These are great earbuds for the price and they sound great. The included pouch is nice. The charging port is easy to open, but it is challenging to revolve with the attached spinning cable that goes back into the in-line controller. I spent lots of time trying to get it to cooperate easier. That may be a challenge, but it also might have to break in. I will update with how that turns out.

Overall, a solid 9.5/10.


Great review. Can you add some pics of the product? Some users may not know what this product is and others want to see what the product looks like.

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Excellent review @TheManWithTheBattery :thumbsup:

As @Element321 has mentioned some pics would be good for members if possible, as it’s a relativity new product among what is becoming a big lineup, it would help them differentiate…


Very detailed review! I upload a product picture for you, but if you want, you could upload more photos.:innocent:

great review! good job!!! :muscle:

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Thnaks for the review :heart_eyes:

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I would have uploaded a picture or two but my DSL’s uplink is so bad I would have completely saturated the DSLAM’s backhaul and brought down an entire rural community. No, I am not joking. It’s our DSL.


I totally agree about the weak bassline. Other than that, no complaints and no buyer’s remorse.

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I bought these headphones a few months ago. I use them the most for running (in all weather conditions). A few days ago, I accidentally left them in my running pants. The headsets were washed and dried at high temperature. I expected to be able to throw them away, but they still work like new. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product.

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