Soundcore arc headphones now available on Amazon

The Soundcore Arc headphones are now available on Amazon @$39.99 These feature 10 hour battery life, ipx5 rating, flexible earhooks…similar design to the spirit x, but without the sweatproof design. Let is know if you would be picking up a pair today.

Aesthetically, the controller looks much more user friendly than the spirit x. The water rating is ok with me, sound quality wise, I look forward to trying them.


Just saw these as a sample (already claimed) on the Power Users page. There sure are ALOT of headphone choices now from Anker & Soundcore. I’m kinda losing track of all of them.:confused:


So I don’t understand why anyone would get these over the Spirit X…

Here’s a brief comparison

Spirit X
Bluetooth 5.0
12 hour battery life

Bluetooth 4.1
10 hour battery life
Flexible ear hooks… (?)

@AnkerOfficial What’s the advantage of the Arc?


I’m thinking this will be more for those who want to use it for calls, hence the adjustable earhooks and the different style remote/mic with cVc noise reduction


Lots of models with slight variations of features…with some models having better features (like Josh’s post points out) than other models for the same price. Choice is good but throw in too much of it and it could cause confusion.

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Actually the Spirit X also have cVc noise reduction for the mic, so the only notable difference is the buttons on the controller… :confused:

Also worth noting that the Spirit X comes with the new Soundcore branded travel pouch whereas the Arc still uses the old Anker one… again, puzzling, but it is what it is I guess.

Hmm, good catch. I didn’t even realize the cvc noise reduction as i rarely use headphones for calls. Actually I only made a phone call to see the quality for my review, outside of that I can’t remember the last time I talked on the phone aside from emergencies. But yea, subtle differences can saturate the market making it harder for people to choose which they prefer,and also drive the market price of other items

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Interesting. Those look nice but they don’t look like a good option for working out. I think as other mentioned this may be for those that are looking to make calls or keeping it causal.

My Power User Page hasn’t changed much only flash deals on products that have been for a months or more. Maybe these might come up for sample soon for the others. I’m interested in these but I would prefer ones that have a little more waterproofing.

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Arc has 10mm drivers

How did I manage to mess that up? Thanks!

The biggest difference between these 2 products is their ear hooks.

The Soundcore Arc use more flexible, silicon-coated metal ear hooks, which can be adjusted to the shape of your ears. It can bring you all day comfort even during hardcore workouts.

Powerbeats 3 also use this kind of ear hooks, but they cost $199 and we only cost $39.99.


I was Googling for some Anker earbuds and came across this listing on Walmart’s website. The listing says “Anker Soundbuds Arc”, although you can clearly see in the picture these have Anker’s “soundcore” branding.

Yes, this is our newly released product!
If you often do high-intensity exercise, you can consider grabbing a pair!:grin:

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