Soundcore arc earphones keep restarting on audio playback


my soundcore arc bluetooth earphones (see picture below) are no longer playing any audio from any of my devices. I can connect them via bluetooth without problems but as soon as I start any audio source on the device, the earphones blue led light turns off and after some seconds comes back on indicating pairing mode. After that, my devices reconnect to the earphones but as soon as I start any audio the earphones restart once again.

I tried unpairing all different devices (tablets, iOS mobile phones, android mobile phones) but it didn’t help. The problem still exists. Is there a way to make some kind of factory reset to the soundcore arc earphones? Seems like a hard reset could help but I don’t know how to do that. There are only 3 buttons (volume up, volume down, power on/off) and I already tried all the combinations that I found in the instruction manual.

Thank you!


I had a pair a while back but let my mother in law use them for a while. Have you tried a double tap of the power button?