Soundcore App function...useful?

Wondering if anyone has used the custom sound profile function in the Soundcore app, the one that does a hearing test of sorts and then auto-sets the equalizer? Is it good, bad, awesome, or meh?

Hmm I have the app but didn’t know it had that feature, guess I’ll have to check it out

Never used, no app under LINUX. :wink:
All speakers and buds are working perfectly with LINUX and eq settings.

I thought the HearID portion of the app was pretty neat! I can see where it would be beneficial to people with hearing issues. As for the customer EQs, I haven’t played around with them much because a lot of the professionals said they were satisfied with the basic setting. But now that you being it up, I might have to go back and try some different settings just for fun!

Haven’t used it yet

When i used the hear id in the app, i realized i did something similar already with my Galaxy S10e…and i know the new iPhones also have the feature where you can customize the sound to you and your age. I found once i completed the hear Id, i had to reset my phone setting and rerun the test. Because with both setup i had some crazy settings, nothing wrong with that but it got annoying with certain genres

I have used it but there wasn’t any change for for hearing loss. I then played with all the presets they had, and ended up sticking with the one labeled “Deep”.