Soundcore app don't detect pairing buds

Hi, please help me. My phone Android Vivo x50 pro+ and Anker soundcore liberty 2 pro.

Soundcore don’t detect buds… and anything doesn’t help. All permission was granted. Trying this:

" 1. Have you restarted the phone? please try to Restart your phone and see if Soundcore App detects the Flare+, else do below
2. Delete the Soundcore App completely from your phone.
3. Remove Soundcore Flare+ from your device’s Bluetooth history and ensure it’s less than 3 feet away. Then try pairing again.
4. Install the app again.
5. Try to see if the Soundcore App is now finds /detects the Flare+
Flare+ Won't Connect to Soundcore app"

Why!!! Why app doesn’t contains button “Search pairing buds”??? Help, please

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Is Liberty 2 Pro already paired to your Vivo Android phone? Can you confirm.

For the App to search and connect to Liberty 2 Pro… they should first be paired to the Smartphone.

Try reset of Liberty 2 Pro, remove pairing info on Android, update Soundcore App to latest, disable/ enable BT, Pair Liberty 2 Pro to your phone, try searching / connecting to L2P

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