Soundcore app doesnt show Wakey

I recently bought a Wakey and paired it to my phone, but it doesnt show up under Devices in the Soundcore app. I can play music to it through other apps and otherwise generally use it as a Bluetooth speaker, but the Soundcore app doesnt recognize it, and as such I cant actually use it as its core function of an alarm clock. I’ve tried re-pairing it a couple times and the app still doesnt see it. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going wrong?

In Soundcore app you still have to add the device, it is not automatically in devices simply because you paired.

Scroll around all the device types (Life, etc) until you find the Wakey then connect.


The app change and there is a tab in the middle on the bottom for it. It looks like a music library. I noticed that sometimes it stops playing and other times it continues