Soundcore Anker Life Q20

Today received my pair Soundcore Anker Life Q20.

-After first hours of using I noticed annoying squeaky sound on left speaker. Its noticeably only while Active Noise Cancelling is on.
It sounds like something is loose inside left headphone and NC is trying to reduce that noise. Unfortunately it is just boosting that squeak. Actually its more comfortable to not use NC while walking or moving head.
If head is stable NC works better than expected.

-Another issue I noticed came after I plug Q20 to my PC by jack. Again, sound is great. A lot better quality of sound than my proper gaming headset.
After turing NC on, all quiet sounds (footsteps for example) are muted and any other sounds (hitting wood by hammer for example) are ok except extra crackling noise generated. Its impossible to use it for gaming with NC on. NC feature with Q20 connected by jack to my PC is not suitable to listen music. Constant noise can be hear like in old radio background sound.

Any suggestion how to solve my problems? It seems that the first one is factory fault in my pair. Do you guys got similar to my? I read some similar topics about headband in Q20 but in my case its not same.
Second is probably firmware bug. Hopefully it will be update about it soon.

Should I ask Amazon to replace them?

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I would contact the support.
These ear phones are new and if faulty (that can happen) you will get a replacement.
Due to weekend the answer will take a while.

Hey @Adrian_Jaszek
I have these headphones and haven’t experienced the issues you have, so don’t think its normal.
As @Chiquinho mentions, drop support a message and they will look after you.

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That’s not normal. My wife has a pair of these and they sound good and have no issues. As the others mentioned, I’d contact support.

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Problem solved.
Just received new pair and works as a charm.
Thanks for advices.

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That’s great to hear @Adrian_Jaszek enjoy :+1:t2: