Soundcore Anker liberty air not charging

Every time I open or close the charging case the 3 lights flash multiple times. I’ve left it charging all night and my ear buds haven’t charged. My ear buds stay connected in the case. Any help?

First, make sure the earbuds are connecting with the charging pins…when you place them in n the case does the little light on the earbuds light up? If they do not then you need to clean the contact points and or remove the plastic cover they are shipped with. Then charge them up.

The lights on the case just show you the charge state of the case itself. It has nothing to do with the earbuds charging status. Another thing to do is either hold the button and power the earbuds off or disconnect the bluetooth which will eventually power off the earbuds because they are no longer connected to anything

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Ok I’ll clean them.

In regards to the charging case, when I first got it, it used to show the charge status of the case by either 1,2 or 3 illuminated leds. Now it just flashes all three lights multiple times any time I open or close the case

In that case, take a paperclip and bend it in a way that you can reach into the left earbud spot and short the two pins with that paperclip. It might take a few tries, but that will reset the case and it should work properly after that


yo why does my liberty air earbuds case make a noise while charging. like pinging noise

Try using a different cable and wall plug

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My liberty air case fell to the floor and now the right earbud does not charge. Also, when I charge the case, it loses all the charge even if I keep the earbuds outside overnight. And since the right earbud is dead and does not charge, the left earbud refuses to connect to my phone or laptop on it’s own. So it basically useless to me now. Any suggestions? I will really appreciate