Soundcore All I want for Christmas sale

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The Liberty Lite definitely caught my attention.

Good deals :slight_smile:, they certainly goin’ all out on discounts & events…

You might want to drop your email out the last image @elmo41683 …unless it’s a generic account you use…

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WoW :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Ive just met someone who still uses yahoo mail! I bet you have an AOL email still, too.

I still use Yahoo! Mail as well have done for absolutely ages now.
It’s my personal preference and don’t like using others.

:open_mouth: Flares :astonished:

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Wasn’t this already posted? Anyway, thanks for sharing!

This is only for US market? No love for German clients? That’s sad because I wanted to buy 4 christmas gifts but seeing that there is no discount for german people doesn’t sound very welcoming.

Edit: This item is discounted everywhere except Germany.

Every market has had different sales