Soundcore Ace Series Deals

Great deals on the smaller size Soundcore Ace series with bigger sound

Soundcore Ace A0 Portable Mini Speaker with Big Sound $9.99 Use code VERGESPK1

Anker Soundcore Ace A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $12.99 Use code VERGESPK2


Haha! Sour patch kids!!

Why are these better deals then the power user page had?

I am seriously considering that A0…

Apologies but I didn’t get the humor :roll_eyes:

I don’t see these in PowerUser page, and those deals are targetted to few members / specific Geo.

They were on the PU page a long time ago…

The coupon codes are VERGESPK

SPK stands for sour patch kids…

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Thanks for the info, I missed those for some reason / Not aware of it.

Probably because it was closer to release. I find the best Power User deals anymore to be in the BOGO emails.

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Never gotten one of those… I’ve seen some that others have posted and they seem like great deals :+1:.

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Soundcore Social Media has posted this deal today :grin:

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I ordered the A0 the other day… can’t wait to test and review it!


Awesome!! Look forward to seeing it

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