Soundcore Ace A0 now on Amazon UK £18.99

Had a quick look, couldn’t find it…

Soundcore Ace A0 is available on Amazon UK this morning. Noticed it as it was listed in a promotion when I was looking at a new cable.

Looks pretty small, not sure what this would sound like?


Looks like a mini version of the mini 2

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The more times I see the A0 I’m thinking it’s more of a replacement for the Nano than the Icon Mini…also possibly the first time a product has hit the UK before the US :heart_eyes:


Love my Mini 2 - but my Icon Mini has replaced it, much better form factor for travelling…

The Flare is my go to in the house though.

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“Big Sound Ace A0 delivers full-bodied, rich sound with superior clarity. Hear your favorite music as it’s supposed to be heard.”

It’ll be very interesting to see if it lives up to this claim. :thinking::wink:

2W of full bodied rich sound apparently - great as a little pocket speaker, can’t imagine it’s going to be that “Big” a sound… :grin:

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I totally wanna find out now! If someone gets one before me, be sure to let us know what it’s like :slight_smile:

Nice find! Thanks for sharing👍

Thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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Nice find! Thank you

Yeah… nice promo but 2W still not enough for me!!

That’s what I was thinking :grin:. It’s a little strange, but whatever :joy:. :+1:

Ace A0 looks neat

I still have the Nano, works great! Use it for conference calls while working from home

I was originally thinking I wanted one of these, but I think I’ve changed my mind. I don’t have a need for it :man_shrugging:.

Thanks for sharing, for some reason at this moment I can’t justify speakers for home, but I really want a pair of flares :cry:

Now available to order via for a cost of $19.99. Shipping should begin on May 1.

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