Soundcore A3102 dead after 6 months & 3 weeks!

In South Africa we only have a limited 6 months warranty on this product & that has just become a problem with this (previously woderful) bluetoth speaker.

The power light stays solidly red for as long as it is plugged into power (over 24 hours at this point) and the on/off button has ceased to work at all. Nett result - it has locked & is absolutely dead.

Anything that I can do - has anyone any ideas at all??

Thank you in advance.

Hi @andrewajw have you tried to use a different charging cable and made sure there are no obstructions in the charging port which could be causing issues?

The only Idea I have is to try a reset of the speaker.

Thanks - but, how do I do that??

If it’s still under warranty then contact support to get it replaced