Soundcore 3 Firmware?


Hi! This will work for Soundcore 3? Please let me know.

Hi @Lambertfelias24 for compatibility of third party cables with Soundcore products I would suggest you reach out to however I believe the USB-C port is for charge only and not audio output.

As @ndalby stated the USB-C is for charging only and not an audio input.

It is partly what are you wanting to do with these cables.

If you connect them you will have a usb c to usb c. Why not just buy that cable from Anker instead of these two. Now if you already have these then the question will be how well will it charge in this form. I don’t think that would be something for us to state as it would be a pure guess. Again I would get a usb c to usb c cable than something that may not work well.

Thanks everyone! :blush: