Soundcore 3 and Boost volume fluctuation issue

Hello this is my first post so I’m not sure if I did it right.

So recently I purchased the Soundcore 3 and the Boost (upgraded version) in addition to my 2 year old Boost speaker. And I’ve noticed worse sound quality on the new devices. During playing music the 2 speakers will keep fluctuating in terms of volume. it’s hard to explain, but it’s like someone keeps pressing up+down volume back and forth. My old Boost never never had this issue. I’ve tried this on different songs and different devices but they are the same. I’m starting to suspect Anker did something wrong to their new driver or something. Can anyone help?

May be you should create a video.
Comparing the two speakers.
Same bt source, same song, same eq and publish here.
This would be a perfect adding if you contact the support.
Otherwise its very difficult to do a remote diagnosis.
btw : Have you tried to use the Aux-cable?
If so, the same difference?


I might have to wait for the Anker staff to answer. I found one thread that has the exact same issue.

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Do that, but you should add a video, so other can hear that issue also.


Yes I’ll record the video when I wake up (in 9 hours). Thank you by the way.


Sleep well.
Its 10:00 pm here and a nice day!

Take a look at this page to troubleshoot problems with your speaker. move your device as close as you can to your ANKER SoundCore and try to pair again. Broken speakers prevent sound from being produced or produce distorted sound.