Soundcore 2 will connect and immediately disconnect - mac: Catalina

  1. I power on my Anker Soundcore 2 bluetooth speaker.
  2. In my optional bluetooth devices on my mac, I select the speaker “SoundCore 2” and choose connect.
  3. The text goes BOLD for a second and then goes back to regular text.

I have…
A. rest the BT module on my mac
B. rest the SMC
C. power cycled my mac
D. power cycled my soundcore 2
E. removed the anker from my remembered devices and reattached

So far, I have had no sucesses in fixing this. Can anyone give me advice?

I would just bypass the Mac Bluetooth and get a USB Bluetooth adapter.

Ensure the Soundcore 2 is fully charged. Takes around 4 hrs at 5V/2A for a full charge.

Believe you already tried - but try to Delete the pairing record on the speaker and your device then try to re-pair. Make sure your device is within 3ft of the speaker.

Have you reset the Soundcore 2 Speaker? Try This – > When in standby mode pressing/holding Bluetooth button for 2s to delete previous pairing records.

If nothing works, then contact the Soundcore Support and have your purchase proof handy

Seems you have covered the best steps to resolve. Perhaps a bug within Catalina, keep noticing loads on mine and have had to do 2 clean installations since release.

I take it the speaker pairs fine with another device?

You’re right. The speaker pairs fine with other devices.

Ok, I tried all of these. I also tried to reinstall or update the firmware and that process actually fails. I can connect the device to the anker product app but when i take the next step, it tells me it’s not connected and then fails the install. I’ve tried known good cables and computer usb ports. I’m emailing Anker now.

I am not completely sure, but this seems to be more of Apple MAC Catalina issue for Bluetooth connection.

Does the BT disconnect OR the audio output volume for BT drops to zero? What do you see in BT Connection on Mac when you see the audio drops - is BT still Connected?

Please refer to this Apple support discussion

Try this How to fix bluetooth issues with Catalina

Remember as @Shenoy said about resetting the speaker itself.

It only likes one connection, so after connecting to a different device to reset it, so it is free to connect to your Mac.

Also, the idea from @TheDude is quite a cheap alternative to try. Mac’s are temperamental little sh… At the best of times.

Its currently happening to me too. Mine doesnt stay connected to any of my devices for more than 3secs anymore. I’m frustrated

Me too, in any device