Soundcore 2-way Headphones

I love most everything under the Anker branded companies that I have ever used. I find they are cost effective, excellent quality, and downright useful. Even the worst product I ever got (which was a Eufy battery operated stickup light), fit this description, it was only the worst in comparison to the other things I have received.

However, now I am finding that I want Anker family to have products/features that I don’t find. The headphones above are a perfect example. Soundcore headphones, to my knowledge, are some of the best, most cost effective headphones available, but in all cases I am aware of, they can only play sounds, none of them have a microphone to use as a 2 way communication headset.

What I am asking here, is does anyone know of anything that does exist like this that I am just missing? Does Soundcore have a communication headset that just isn’t advertised well? Is this something that is in the works? And finally, if the answer is no to all the above, then what, if any, brand of communication headphone would you suggest?

Note that I am open to both wired and wireless options as well as open on style (Over Ear/On Ear/In Ear), though I do have a preference for Over the Ear wireless if all else is equal.

I’m pretty sure (all or nearly all) their speakers have microphones.

Their headphones all have speakers, which doesn’t?

Their Q30 headphones, most recent, I have, for example have microphones and has been quite a topic of discussion since launch.

Also there is a dedicated Soundcore community, it’s probably the best place to jump to for a Soundcore specific search and discussion.

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You should ask at the soundcore community.

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Thought I was. Thanks.

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Indeed, it’s pretty much a subset of users here over there so the quality of reply is probably the same, but I’m trying to align with the branding intentions. There’s some hints that support is focused there so may get a better official answer.