Soundcore 2 vs soundcore motion +

Is it worth the extra investment?

What would you expect?
Of course there is a difference not only in the price.

@Marty.comer Soundcore Motion+ has the below 3 pros over Soundcore 2:

  1. provides Hi-Res Audio / Qualcomm Apt-X / BassUp Technology / Customizable EQ (EQ is via Soundcore App)
  2. 30W Audio output versus 12W from Soundcore 2
  3. Uses USB-C for charging :slight_smile:

Soundcore 2 has a Pro that it provides 24 hrs of audio playtime, versus 12hrs of playtime from Motion+

Hope this helps you make the decision!

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Hi @Marty.comer, it is worth noting that Soundcore 3 is coming soon.

Motion+ is definitely more stylish and looks premium than Soundcore 3 :slight_smile:


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All personal preference!

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Depends on your definition of “stylish” :smile:

This is "stylish! :rofl:

What would be the perfect music?
An opera?
“The mean butcher and the poor dog”

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