Soundcore 2 stutters after a call

Hello it’s been 2 months since I have bought Anker Soundcore 2 from Amazon Germany. It sound fine while I play it but after I get on a call on my mobile phone the sound starts to chop and stutter.and and some times sounds noisy. I have contacted the customer support but still wait for a legitimate reply.
Please HELP
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This is a weird and an awful thing at the same time. Please reach out to Soundcore Support during Weekdays and check if there any options to fix it. Keep you purchase proof ready.

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There have been vacations in China and now its weekend.
So it takes a while you get an answer.
Be patient, please.

Hey @Devansh_Verma
That’s strange but you know what, I get that in my car when I’m Bluetooth connected and get a call.
Often I find pausing the music for a few second or hitting stop then play again solves the problem.
Thought I’d mention it in case it helps you out!

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