Soundcore 2 strange pumping in some songs?

In some songs there’s a strange pumping effect; low notes go to high notes really suddenly and its quite distracting. Im assuming this is due to an aggressive limiter or am I the only one with this problem?

Can’t say I’ve noticed anything myself. Could you post a video showing the issue?

I dont think it can translate well on video as i dont have a good microphone. The issue is noticeable however

I heard the anker select doesnt have this issue though. I wonder if anker will be able to replace my 2 with a select…even though i bought it off amazon uk

The SoundCore 2 / Select are the same speaker, just a mix up with the model names. It might be best if you reach out to to assist further and replace your speaker, if needed.

They are the same speaker but I heard the select has a better limiter therefore this issue doesnt exist on the select

As far as I am aware they have the same internal hardware, just external branding on a few models was listed as select. Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can confirm this?

Hi @sound_guy, I just pass your problem with anker support team, they will contact you soon by email to solve your issue. As @ndalby said, they are almost the same speakers. But Soundcore select will only focus on offline market. If you still have some questions, you can also reach out to to request more help. :sunglasses:

Does that mean the speakers are the same but in the shops they are Select and online they are SoundCore 2’s? Seems a tad confusing…

They are almost same, but select has NFC function while Soundcore 2 hasn’t.:sweat_smile:

I’ve must have looked at several reviews of the SoundCore 2 and each time I missed that when comparing to the initial Select release :blush: Any particular reason why it was dropped?

Time for more :coffee:

There hasn’t been an email sent to me yet…

Hey, my colleague is writing email now! Thanks for your patience! :grin:

Thanks man!

I just bought two Anker Soundcore 2. One for me and one for my parents. I’m having the same problem on both of them. Sound jumping up and down. It’s like there’s some kind of “limiter” that lowers the volume when it gets to high, and then raises it when it gets to low. And it doesn’t matter if I play it on 3/15 volume or 10/15. It’s really making it impossible for me to listen to any music actually. I would love to make a recording and send to you somehow. Please email me at [mod edit: removed personal info]. I got the Ankers of

Hi @Marcus_Malmsten,
Would you please email your Amazon order number to with a description of your issue and the sound file? They will be happy to assist you with this! Thank you!

Done and done!

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You are not alone Marcus! I wonder if there’s a faulty batch or something… My second anker soundcore 2 still has the audio fluctuation issue

Good to hear I’m not the only one! I decided between the Boost and the Soundcore 2 and landed on the Soundcore due to the battery life. Wouldn’t mind changing to the Boost, just as long as the problems doesn’t affect the Boost too!