Soundcore 2 strange noise when I long press play button

Firstly your help is appreciated.

The problem.

When I used to long press the play button, my soundcore would usually make a little sound, then connect me to the Google assistant (was just OK google then) but now when press it, I either get a long dial tone like beep, or nothing. (I can turn the dial tone down, as it seems to be related to the Bluetooth call volume)

I would like that little beep back, as it’s hard to know if the soundcore has connected to my Samsung S7.

if I instead have the volume of the “Bluetooth call volume” turned up I just hear the dreaded tone.

Not sure what I’ve done, but it could be related to my installation of Google assistant… Possibly.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried forgetting the SoundCore on your S7 and then try pairing the speaker again?

Yep, tried that.

Also tried pairing it with another device, and cleared the Bluetooth cache too.

It’s a weird one.