SoundCore 2 Speakers Not Working When Wireless Headset Connected

I have a SoundCore speaker that connects to my computer via Bluetooth without issue. It plays sound fine. I have a Bluetooth headset that I can also connect to the computer without issue. It works fine for video calls, audio recording, etc.
But when the headset is paired, no sound comes out of the speaker. When I disconnect the headset, the speaker plays sound again.
Any ideas about how to get the sound to play through the speakers, even when the headset is connected (or why it’s not working correctly)?

What OS are you using ion your computer?

Windows 8.1.
I’ve got all the settings right for a microphone to be picked up by the system. In fact, the system shows that the microphone is receiving signal and that it thinks the speakers are playing the signal. But no sound is coming out.
Oddly, it’s not just sound from a microphone that’s lacking. When the headset is connected, music files, other audio files, sound from video calls all don’t play.
I’m guessing that somehow, with the headset connected, the OS is (even though the speakers are set to default), trying to send audio to the headset. But I’m not sure how to work around the issue.

Hope there are others who can help you.
I am not in MS OS since many years.