SoundCore 2 Power usage when connected through AUX

HI, I have a SouncCore 2 and I wanted to know if, when plugged in through an AUX cable, the SoundCore 2 powers the drivers with the battery, or if the power it receives from the PC/phone it’s connected to is powering the drivers.

TIA for any help

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The AUX port is for audio input, it wasn’t designed for power input/output
So to answer your question, the Soundcore power the driver itself

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I am not aware of any speaker that is powered via an auxiliary cable. …

Me neither, aux connections are analog and designed to carry audio signals, not usable electrical charge.

I was ready to answer, but saw that my dear colleagues already provided the great answer. Aux outputs don’t power the device !

But you save some battery because it doesn’t use the bluetooth chip.

So Aux VS BT, you can play music for a little longer when using AUX.

@ndalby @Antoine_Turpin @elmo41683 @NTran Thanks for the reply! @Rafael_Dos_Santos Yes, the aux cable is designed for the audio signals only, it will not receive the power from the PC/phone. Thanks