SoundCore 2 Power Question

I love my Anker SoundCore 2 speaker. The majority of the time the speaker sits in my office, same location. Can I simply leave the speaker plugged into an outlet? Or will this cause a premature failure of the battery? I still use the speaker on battery but usually on the weekends.

Leaving it plugged in should work fine. Most batteries will stop charging when they are fully charged, and start charging when it loses some battery


What is a charging cycle? I guess every battery has a life span in terms of so many charge/discharge cycles. When does it count as a cycle, when the battery fully drained and charged backup?
Any battery pro here?


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If you leave it plugged, it will bypass the battery once charged. This is common in all modern electronics.

My 2 cents – It is a good practice to not charge a device when being used for calls when the device has a battery in it. There are chances of explosion due to over heating and also reduces the battery charging cycles there by reducing the life of battery within the device

@Ice1 A charging cycle is when a battery is depleted by 100%. Not necessarily all at once, but maybe 25% one day, 75% the next. Each additional “cycle” reduces a battery’s usable capacity.

Here’s an analogy to think about it:

Imagine you put very hard (mineral- heavy) water into a bucket. When you pour out some water, minerals are left behind and reduce the total volume of the bucket. It might take 300-500 fillings of the bucket, but you’ll eventually be left with a layer of sediment on the bottom, making the bucket hold less water. In this example, the bucket is a battery, and water is electricity. (I’m not sure if this analogy makes any sense but to me, so let me know.)


In theory, could I use a massive extension cord to drive a Tesla? If so, I could have unlimited range!


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Very nice analogy! :thumbsup:

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This is a good question, and in the instructions manuals of the new speakers, Anker recommends removing the speaker from the charger soon after they are full.

To throw another analogy into the mix, I like to think of it like eating at a buffet. Sure, I can eat until I’m 100% full, but it makes me very uncomfortable. I’d be more comfortable if I only ate until I was around 60-80%. Similarly, lithium ion batteries don’t like to be at 100% for long periods of times… nor do they like being under 20% (“starving”) for long periods of time, either.

My suggestion would be to use a timer outlet (maybe something like this one and set the speaker to charge for an hour or two each day so that battery is not constantly at 100% for the whole week.


Nice, thanks for the analogy. I’m still asking a dumb question. If I charge my phone after 25% am I losing one cycle?

Sure thing! I think I understand what you’re asking… If your phone is discharged to 25% and you charge it to 100%, you are only losing 3/4 of a cycle, by _dis_charging 75% of your battery.

(Cycles are only related to discharges.)

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Lithium batteries aren’t affect by block… Where let’s say each battery has 12 blocks. If 100%, all 12 are happy n full.

When you use each block the percentage goes down. If you only ever keep using 9 blocks, you would on old batteries lose the use of 3 blocks, as the battery forgets about them. Lithium doesn’t care if you use 1 block or 7 or 11, you can recharge as often as you like.

To keep your batteries in mint condition and working at their best never use more than 8 blocks before charging. This way your battery is happy.

Lithiums can take more charge/discharge cycles than the old style battery’s, and don’t mind being fast charged.

All I can tell you for sure… Lithium batteries are lighter, faster and smarter (for a battery!). They can have more power for a smaller size n lighter, yet they’ll also take a higher charge to charge quicker.

Because if this, we have better smaller lighter handsets compared to those back in the day with the same power.

… Side note
I pay only a few quid (dollar) more than I did back in September 13th 1993, but my handset is still about the same size! lol

Now, I get it. Thanks a lot for putting it in simple terms too. :smile:

I personally don’t like to do that myself because I have had problems with it because of the companies cutting corners on materials, and this was from high dollar products. Yet I have done it with ANKER products and it has worked just fine. I believe it is completely safe because they don’t cut corners like the other companies. It truly is sad for the supposedly high end companies when they are beaten by a budget company.