Soundcore 2 pause problem.

I have a Soundcore 2 Bluetooth speaker, I have downloaded some movies in mp3 form that I can listen to whilst driving. The problem I have is that if I stop driving and pause the movie, on returning and oressing play again, the movie has jumped forward by minutes almost as if it hasn’t paused at all. I’ve tried pausing with the speaker button, and with the player pause button. I’ve tried clearing the cache in the app, unpairing and re-pairing, force stopping my player, even restarting the phone but it keeps happening.
Any ideas what the fix is for this?

Movies -> speaker?
I suppose you mean music track.

No, there’s a place called where you can download mp3 tracks of movies. You obviously have to know the movie well but it’s just like watching it in your head.

That does not appear to be remotely Soundcore related, it sounds like your chosen app is not accurately remembering where it left off.

Try different speaker to be sure.

Also, good idea to not post links to non-Anker as it risks flagging / moderator.

Lol cool idea, I’ll check it out. I’m driving all day for work so this may be handy

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