Soundcore 2 Enclosure/Mount

Recently got a pair of the upgraded Soundcore 2’s for my new Covid-19 dungeon/home office and they work a treat!
I’ve now been toying with the idea of mounting them on my bike - One on the handlebars and the other in the kiddo trailer for the little one. Mounting it in the kiddo trailer should be fairly simple, but I’m a bit lost on the handlebar mount.
Has anyone done anything like this before? Any ideas?
Ideally the mount won’t cover the physical buttons
Even if it just has a 1/4-20 camera mount plate, that’d be workable

Cheers for any help or ideas!

My first thought was bungee cords and putting it in a mesh bag with the cord attached to something as a safety. Does it fit in the water bottle holder?

@connell.kieren Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Unfortunately, there’s not a suitable item we could provid to help you mount both speakers on your bike. But we wonder if you could get a water bottle holder, some people will a water bottle cage for their bike.