SoundCore 2 Disconnected on Windows 10

I have checked several posts on the subject and could not find a solution. The SoundCore 2 works fine on Android and Mac OSX. However, on Windows 10, it had only enabled “Headset SoundCore 2 Hands-Free” device. The device called “Headphones SoundCore 2 Stereo” is also present, but it shows as “Disconnected”.

To troubleshoot the issue, I did a succesful SoundCore 2 device firmware upgrade. The only change I noticed after the upgrade is that the device called SoundCore speakers device is gone from the list and it is now replaced with “Headphones SoundCore 2 Stereo”, which is still disabled as you can see from the screenshot. The “right-click + enable” option on the device does not change the status - it still remains disabled. Turning OFF/ON the Windows 10 bluetooth does not fix the issue. Restarting the PC also does not fix the problem. Any idea how to fix this? I am kinda at the end of the rope here. It is a shame, since the speaker works fine on Android and OSX.

Try updating your BT drivers from the hardware manufacturers website (either the PC brand or direct with the BT module maker)…

Windows 10 is notorious for BT issues recently, especially with anniversary/creator updates…can take several cumulative updates before things settle down or resolve…

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Thanks for the hint. I have reinstalled the BT driver for my DELL Inspiron. It is working now. Funny how windows updates can royally screw up the BT.