Soundcore 2 delay when playing from aux input

Just got my Soundcore 2 delivered today and tested the aux input with a 3.5mm cable from my computer to the speaker, no delay noticeable when playing from youtube or playing games. But for some reason when I plug in my guitar directly to the speaker, there’s about 0.25s delay involved. This delay exists whether I have bluetooth on or off. With another bluetooth speaker I have, Jawbone JAMBOX, I don’t have any delay when doing the same test. Is there a fix for this or is it just an inherent problem with this speaker?

Not sure if this counts as a solution… But I tried using my Soundcore Mini (Original) as an AUX speaker for a digital piano, and experienced the same “lag.”

Honestly I’m not sure if there’s a fix, but if your computer has “lip sync” settings (look under an audio manager) try adjusting those.

Well the problem isn’t when I connect it to my computer, only when I’m connecting with an analog cable to my guitar. There must be some digital circuit in between the aux input and the speakers that would cause a delay like this, so I’m thinking it’s just the design of this device unless this isn’t normal behavior.

I would look for any guitar settings, then try emailing for some extra help

the same thing happens to me with my guitar, latency is more noticeable. I also tried a YouTube video connected simultaneously to the soundcore2 and another speaker and there is still latency (connected by cable) did you solve it?